Short stories, funny stories, stories that shouldn’t be heard but are told anyway. Experiences, journeys, encounters and ideas can come from a single image, and these litter the pages of this blog. These are our stories. 

Range of books on a shelf

  • The Road from Rootless

    How did your journey start? It doesn’t have to have any spiritual basis, but I suspect if you do look at life as an unfolding journey there will, at some level, be something outside of your own though patterns that has influenced where you now find yourself. Obviously for some this question is unlikely to have a satisfactory answer… Read more >

  • Left on the Shelf

    Having made the decision to write a sequel to Road to Damascus (RtD from here on in) I needed to find some material to fill its pages. But in actual fact it wasn’t even the question of what goes into a sequel that rendered my fevered brain inactive, but rather the  questions of, do I really want… Read more >

  • Work! Hard Work! Well maybe not

    So my human ‘mum’ had big plans for me, that much I knew from a very early age. 12 years later I’m heading for old age having rarely been parted from her. What happened in between? Work! Hard work! Well maybe not, but every time that harness came over my head I knew playtime was… Read more >