Just a Thought

Lets be clear from the start it is not about size.

Small Voice Projects is a creative hub for images, ideas and voices that don’t often get seen and heard:  The gentle voice whispered in the darkness; the image that tells the story without the need for words; or the silent memories that have yet to be revealed.

A picture tells a story and the story conveys a thought.  Not all thoughts should be revealed, but if it never has the opportunity to be heard it will always remain just a thought.

That is the theory anyway. Initially Small Voice Projects will be a platform for the hub’s creator Jazz Shaban to hone her writing skills on whoever is generous enough to read her drivel.  Experiences, journeys, encounters and ideas can come from a single image, and these litter (although not yet if you are reading this today) the pages of this blog.

But where to start?  Start here, I say. A new year dawns.

Jazz ShaDSCF5887ban was born in London in August 1964 and went to school in Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire.  She studied film at Northumbria University, after which she worked as a general dogs body for a number of production companies before making her own short films and documentaries.

Jazz’s own need for answers and search for cultural roots eventually took her down an international development path, cultivating a passion for authentic storytelling.   For fifteen years this has taken her around the world, and has enabled her to work with a range of communities and their partner organisations.

After a what seems to be a lifetime of nomadic wanderings, Jazz has returned to settle in Oxfordshire where she currently divides her time between writing and international communications consultancies.

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