“To be a voice for the voiceless

John Munford, Vineyard 2010

Small Voice Projects is a global platform that collects stories and builds the capacity of those who want to be heard to tell their stories. But this is not just a storytelling platform, but a social network that aims to amplify authentic voices of who seldom get heard or seen.

About Small Voice Projects

Small Voice Projects enables us to tell our stories and those in our communities, so that collectively, we can change attitudes, policies, and our environment, enabling a fairer society for those that have no voice, and therefore are excluded from participating in it.

Small Voice Projects is a creative hub for images, ideas and voices that don’t often get seen and heard:  The gentle voice whispered in the darkness; the image that tells the story without the need for words; or the silent memories that have yet to be revealed.


Dare to do it differently.

There is no excuse for parachuting storytellers into the lives of other people with no real knowledge of the wider context, simply because it’s their job.

We can do it differently so they can take control.

What’s your story?

A picture tells a story and the story conveys a thought. A thought produces an idea. And the idea can build a movement.

What’s your story is a repository of stories, films and pictures from around the world from those that want to tell their stories, their way.

Tools of the trade

Tools for telling stories, taking pictures, filming responsibly are priceless but worth every penny spent on developing them.

These toolkits provide storytellers with the resources to share their experiences with the power to control, sharing ways of working that promote best practice and challenge cultural norms of representation.


Small Voice Projects is a non-profit consultancy with a vision to facilitate, connect and strengthen the unheard and unseen voices to those who share their experiences, but differently.

SVP’s approach is co-production. Partnerships and programmes are not done in isolation and are chosen for the potential they have to effect social change and impact community impact and learning.

The Last Word

Short stories, funny stories, stories that shouldn’t be heard but are told anyway.

Experiences, journeys, encounters and ideas can come from a single image, and these litter the pages of this blog.

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